All are favorites from over the years, in no particular order. Thank for having nearly every one of these. (* indicates the story has been reviewed on this blog.)

Frank Sinatra Has a Cold by Gay Talese—Esquire, April 1966

The Crack in the Shield by Michael Daly—New York, December 1986

Invisible Child by Andrea Elliott—The New York Times, December 2013

Still Life by Skip Hollandsworth—Texas Monthly, May 2009

The American Male at Age Ten by Susan Orlean—Esquire, December 1992

Home by Chris Jones—Esquire, July 2004

Trial by Fire by David Grann—The New Yorker, September 2009

Guarding Sing Sing by Ted Conover—The New Yorker, April 2000

The Most Amazing Bowling Story Ever by Michael J. Mooney—D, June 2012

The Golden Bough by John Vaillant—The New Yorker, November 2002

Smash by Howard Jacobson—Tablet, October 2010

*The Life and Death of Richard Brautigan by Lawrence Wright—Rolling Stone, April 1985

How I See by Joshua Wolf Shenk—Guilt and Pleasure, June 2007

*Eating Jack Hooker’s Cow by Michael Paterniti—Esquire, November 1997

*Michael Jordan Has Not Left The Building by Wright Thompson—ESPN The Magazine, February 2013.

The Falling Man by Tom Junod—Esquire, September 2009

*Life of a Salesman by Eli Saslow—The Washington Post, October 2012

The Innocent Man by Pamela Colloff—Texas Monthly, November/December 2012

The Chameleon by David Grann—The New Yorker, August 2008

The Silent Season of a Hero by Gay Talese—Esquire, July 1966

Last Tango in Tahiti by Mike Sager—The Washington Post, July 1987

*The Boy Who Died of Football by Thomas Lake—Sports Illustrated, December 2010

The Man Who Never Was by Mike Sager—Esquire, May 2009

“Heavenly Father!” “I love you all!” “I love everyone!” “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!” “I love all of you!” by Luke Dittrich—Esquire, September 2011

*The House of Hefner by Chris Jones—Esquire, April 2013

Gareth Thomas…The Only Openly Gay Male Athlete by Gary Smith—Sports Illustrated, May 2010

The Real Heroes Are Dead by James B. Stewart—The New Yorker, February 2002

Let Us Now Raze Famous Men by Jeff MacGregor—Sports Illustrated, February 2006

The Killer Cadets by Skip Hollandsorth—Texas Monthly, December 1996

The Things That Carried Him by Chris Jones—Esquire, March 2008

Tales of the Tyrant by Mark Boal—The Atlantic, May 2002

*Can You Say…’Hero’? by Tom Junod—Esquire, November 1998

Hannah and Andrew by Pamela Colloff—Texas Monthly, January 2012

*The Peekaboo Paradox by Gene Weingarten–Washington Post Magazine, January 2006

A Death in Emergency Room One by Jimmy Breslin—New York Herald Tribune, November 1963

Candy by Gary Cartwright—Texas Monthly, December 1976